Drink-driving woman had one of highest readings of alcohol recorded

Perth Sheriff Court GV
Drink-driving: Elizabeth Threshie was banned from driving for three years.STV

A woman narrowly avoided being jailed after she admitted driving while she was more than five times over the legal limit.

Elizabeth Threshie gave one of the highest readings ever recorded from a woman after she was caught drink-driving during the middle of the afternoon.

Threshie, 43, was so drunk that she attracted the attention of other motorists by repeatedly stopping her car in the middle of the road before driving off again.

Fiscal depute Stuart Richardson told Perth Sheriff Court on Wednesday: "At 3.20 pm a married couple were driving along the A85 when they came up behind another vehicle.

"It turned out to be driven by Mrs Threshie. They were concerned about the manner of her driving and continued to drive along behind her. The female phoned the police.

"The vehicle being driven by the accused suddenly came to a stop. The wife in the car behind got out and approached because she was concerned that the driver might be unwell.

"Just as she approached the car it drove off, so again the witnesses followed. There was a bit of stopping and starting until she eventually did stop.

"The couple again approached and at that stage they could smell alcohol. The husband managed to get her out of the vehicle and drove her to his home address.

"The female remained at the cars and waited for the police to attend, then led them to where the accused was.”

Threshie, from Methven, admitted driving on the A85 between Perth and Methven while she was more than five times over the limit on July 22 this year. Her reading was 177mics, compared to the 35mics limit.

Solicitor David Holmes, defending, said his client had "a number of deep-seated issues" which had led to her abusing alcohol. He said it had reached a stage where she was able to consume the huge level she had to reach such a massive reading.

He added: "She has accepted responsibility and is seeking help."

Sheriff Lindsay Foulis told Threshie: "You were over five times the legal limit to drive and the consequence of that is that it means either unpaid work or custody.

"You pled guilty at the first opportunity and are entitled to a discount in sentence. Bearing in mind you have a clean driving licence, I am persuaded the appropriate penalty is unpaid work."

He banned Threshie from driving for three years and ordered her to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work.

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