Public warned not to approach raccoon escaped from wildlife centre

Raccoon: Public warned not to approach animal.SWNS

The public have been warned not to approach an escaped raccoon who has been spotted in the Callander area.

It is believed the raccoon escaped from the wildlife centre in Tayside in January when its enclosure was damaged by a storm.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "There have been numerous sightings of a raccoon in the Callander area which we believe may have escaped from a wildlife centre in Tayside.

"The raccoon is not dangerous however it may give a nasty bite should it be cornered. It is an adult male and roughly the size of a domestic cat. A young child could easily mistake it for being a pet, lift it and get a nasty bite."

Raccoons are nocturnal animals which are more likely to hide in trees during the daytime. It will not attack anybody but if it is cornered or distressed it could become aggressive.

The spokeswoman added: "If you come across the raccoon do not approach it but call the police immediately on 101. If you find it in a shed or enclosed space do not try to pick it up but close the door and make sure it is kept secure."

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