Dundee-based engineering firm to create 60 apprentice positions

A Dundee-based engineering firm has struck a blow in the fight to beat youth unemployment.

GA Engineering is creating 60 new apprentice positions after receiving more than £1m in backing from two banks.

Finance Secretary John Swinney visited the base on Tuesday and described it as a tremendous commitment to the health of the company and the city.

The intake of apprentices is being made possible by £1.8m of asset based finance being provided by Lloyds TSB and the Bank of Scotland.

Visiting the plant to mark the announcement, the Finance Secretary said it was a tremendous commitment to the economic health of the company and the city.

He said: "Here we see the company working with the Government and the banking sector to make sure new opportunities are created and it is very encouraging indeed for the future of precision engineering in Scotland and here in the city of Dundee."

The unemployment rate amongst 16 to 24-year-olds is 7.5% Dundee.

Sean Minto is one of 15 apprentices learning their trade here and knows how precious a full time job is.

He said: "It's important because it will set you up for the rest of your life. It allows you to do things, buy a house, a car, live and have money to go away on holiday."