More unexplained lights above north-east Scotland

Another STV viewer has come forward to share home video of strange lights in the night sky of Scotland's north-east.
Jane from Ellon said the lights were recorded at about 8.30pm on May 9. Her footage follows a similar sighting recorded later in the night by a Fraserburgh man. (Compare Jane's story to the video in Fraserburgh)

Jane can be heard on the video reacting to an increasing number of lights in the sky. She says: "What is that? Boy, there's heaps."

The video appears to show at least six lights tracking at an altitude far lower in the sky than the lights seen the same night in the video over Fraserburgh, about 26 miles (41 kilometers) north of Ellon.

Which begs the question: Were these orange-coloured lights possibly floating lanterns set off into the sky from another part of the world?

STV weatherman Sean Batty scanned his weather charts for May 9 and believes the wind direction was consistent with the flight path of the lights. His theory offers straightforward logic.

He said: "These could well have been Chinese lanterns blowing in the wind. It would make sense as the wind during the evening would have been a southerly for a time before slowly moving round to a northwesterly later. This would have meant that anything that was travelling with the wind during the early evening would have moved from south to north - in this case Ellon to Fraserburgh.

"The altitude of the lights is greater at Fraserburgh, again pointing to something which was continuing to rise as they drifted north."

If they were not lanterns, then what were they?

Or, better still, who where they?