Scottish Recipe: Stovies

Nigel McAuley, Executive Chef at Glasgow's Oran Mor demonstrates how to cook the traditional Scottish dish of stovies.


By Nigel McAuley, Executive Chef, Oran Mor 

Makes 1 large portion 

1 oz Scottish sirloin steak 
1 slice Lorne sausage 
half an onion (chopped) 
2 tablespoons gravy 
1 carrot (chopped & steamed) 
1 turnip (chopped & steamed 
1 parsnip (chopped & steamed) 
1 portion cabbage (chopped & steamed) 
2 medium potatoes (mashed) 
tablespoon fresh cream 
chives (to garnish) 

Fry onion in a pan, cube steak and Lorne sausage, add to frying pan. 

Add boiled/steamed vegetables to pan. 

Stir on low heat. 

Add mash and cream to second pan. Simmer on low heat. 

Simmer gravy in frying pan. Stir regularly. 

Add mash to plate, place vegetables and meat on top, drizzle gravy and garnish!