'UFO' video sparks online debate

Mystery images: Lights in the sky on the film.
Mystery images: Lights in the sky on the film.

A video claiming to show two UFOs flying across a wintery Scottish sky has provoked an online debate.

Almost 10,000 users have watched the footage since it was posted on YouTube on January 1.

The short video, filmed in a car driving along a snowy road in foggy conditions, shows two bright lights moving quickly across the sky.

The YouTube user says that the video was shot on a dashboard-mounted camera by a Scottish mountain rescue team.

There are no details as to where or when the video was actually shot, or which mountain rescue team was involved.

The video sparked a debate among users to the site as to whether it was a genuine sighting of something unexplained or if it had a more mundane explanation.

Many suggested that the recording just shows the lights of a passing car reflected on the windscreen

Freezing the footage and expanding the picture suggests that there are in fact four points of light, corresponding to the four front lights of the passing car.

But the theory was disputed by others, with comments from users including: "None of the lights are moving at the same speeds as any of the cars."

They add: "They clearly pass behind the car and they color is way off for any kind of reflection. I don't know what this is but it's no light glare."

Others make the point that an earlier car passing the camera does not make such a reflection, and point out other inconsistencies with the theory, including "If it's lens flare, how come the lower blue light goes under the light to the top?"

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