'Beers-ness' is booming as microbreweries experience rise in demand

A Glasgow microbrewery has applied to build a second site in the East End of the city, as demand for their product has risen.

The West brewery has applied for planning permission to build another site at Clyde Gateway East, as demand grows for traditional brewed beer.

They have been brewing their own blends in the iconic Templeton building on Glasgow Green since 2006.

The number of micro breweries across the UK is at a 70 year high, with more than 50 microbreweries in Scotland making 300 types of beer.

Last year alone eight opened north of the border.

West owner Petra Wetzel said: "We have so many customers who have been drinking the same old beer for years, so when they come in here, they say: 'wow'.

"We are selling it to outlets across the whole of the UK, and our little brewery on Glasgow Green couldn't cope, so we are building a bigger one to cope with the demand."

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The creation of microbreweries has brought with it local job opportunities and business experts have said it is a thriving part of the economy.

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