Wandering cat turns up in Scotland 450 miles from home a year later

Pablo the cat who went missing and turned up 400 miles away 1 year later
Missing moggy: Pablo strolled into a bank in Fife a year after he vanished in London.© HEMEDIA / SWNS Group

A runaway tabby cat has stunned his owners after turning up 450 miles away from his home.

Pablo, the nine-year-old silver tabby, strolled into a bank in Fife a year after he disappeared from his home in south London. The missing mog has left his owners baffled as to how he got there.

The cat vanished from his home Brockley last October and owner Siobhan Campbell had given him up for dead.

But he was found in Rosyth he activated the automatic door of a branch of TSB, and started snoozing on a chair.

Staff handed him in to the Cats Protection League (CPL), and his microchip revealed he was 449 miles from home.

His family suspect Pablo hitched a ride with a family moving to Fife from close to where he lived in south London.

He will now be flown home from Scotland to be reunited with his family.

His owner's mother Kate Partridge could not believe her ears when she took the call - though she admitted that Pablo has always been a "character".

Before he made his road trip, Pablo was well known in Brockley, where dogs crossed the street to avoid him and he would force motorists to drive round him by sitting in the road.

He would also visit several houses to be fed, and went by a variety of aliases, including Betty and Fluffy.

Kate, 59, said: "None of us can believe it. I can't get over it. I was just thinking on Thursday that it must be a year since he was last seen.

"On Friday afternoon I had a call from a vet in Rosyth saying he had just been handed in. How on earth had he got over 400 miles from Lewisham and where has he been for the last year?"

Pablo adopted the family eight years ago, when he used to go to their home and be fed before disappearing again.

Eventually Siobhan, 33, an art teacher and mother-of-two, decided to give him a permanent home and had him neutered and microchipped, but he did not curb his wandering ways.

Pablo's disappearances became more frequent after Siobhan's son Caolan was born three years ago, and last October he vanished altogether.

The family searched all his usual haunts before giving up, with Kate and Siobhan's daughter Tianne, 13, convinced he was dead.

Veterinary nurse Doreen King, who gave Pablo the once-over and check him for a microchip after he had been handed to CPL, said: "He had been staying in the bank, as he had learned how to open the doors and was going in and lying on the chairs.

"They brought him in and I scanned him. At first when I saw the phone number and address I thought maybe they had moved up but when I got in contact with the owners they were still in London."

"They thought he was dead. They had not seen him for a year. She was absolutely in shock. I phoned and said do you have a silver tabby called Pablo, and I told her that we had got him.

"She asked where we were, and I heard her shouting her husband and saying: 'They've found Pablo and he's in Scotland'."

Ms King said she thought someone must have been looking after Pablo during his cross-border sojourn, as he was in sleek condition and was being very friendly.

Owner Siobhan Campbell, of Ladywell, in South London said: "I knew he was still alive, as he is a real survivor. I thought he had just shacked up with someone else.

"It is fantastic to hear the news. It's fabulous. He is lovely, he is a gorgeous cat. He was a real king of the road.

"There might be a street party for him when he gets back. I am really looking forward to seeing the look on his face when he sees us and realises that he's home."

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