Aberdeen FC confirm no meat pies on menu at Pittodrie on Tuesday

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No pies: There will be no meat products on sale at Pittodrie match due to horsemeat scandal.© World Scotch Pie Club

Aberdeen FC have revealed that meat will be off the menu for supporters who turn up at Pittodrie for the team's SPL meeting with Ross County on Tuesday.

The club have been forced into taking this action following the ongoing horsemeat scandal, but have promised fans they will order extra supplies of macaroni and chicken pies.

A statement on the official Aberdeen website confirmed the bad news for those accustomed to a pie and bovril at the north-east ground.

It read: "Sodexo, ADC's catering partner, took the decision to withdraw all frozen and processed beef products for which they do not have evidence of DNA testing.

"Only when they have this assurance will they allow new products into their business as an assurance of their and the club's commitment to food safety, traceability and quality."

The north-east organisation apologised for any inconvenience caused.

Sodexo Prestige is the catering arm of the group and also provides match-day services at Hampden Park, as well as catering at Everton's Goodison Park and the home of Newcastle United.

According to the company's website, it has provided catering to Glamis Castle in Forfar, the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh and Perth Racecourse.

It is not yet known if the withdrawal of frozen beef products by the caterer will impact on other customers. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has been informed of the move by Sodexo and is currently testing products across the country for traces of horsemeat.

In a statement released on its website, the company said: "Sodexo has had a pro-active programme in place to ensure that there is no horse meat in its supply chain. We demanded written assurances from across our supply chain that the products we purchase did not contain horse meat, and additionally implemented an internal sampling programme. Despite repeated guarantees from our suppliers, our sampling has identified frozen beef products which tested positive for equine DNA. This situation is totally unacceptable.

"We felt the only appropriate response was to withdraw not only this product but all frozen beef products. We will only re-admit into our catering operations products that have affirmatively passed DNA testing, pursuant to laboratory test criteria. We have notified the FSA of our findings and will assist fully in its investigation. We have also launched our own investigation to understand how this regrettable situation arose.

"Food safety, traceability and quality remain the top priority for Sodexo and this is why we have taken these steps."

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