Edinburgh's outdoor ice rink reopens after high temperatures melt ice

The ice rink in Edinburgh city centre has reopened after the mild weather melted the ice.

The site closed on Thursday after a combination of unusually mild temperatures and warm winds left the rink with just 2 ½ inches of ice. A minimum of 4 inches is required for people to be able to skate.

Temperatures in Princes Street Gardens rose to 15C overnight between Wednesday and Thursday.

Organisers ran the chilling machine for 57 hours to try to bring the temperature back down, eventually reopening it at 5pm on Friday.

The attraction has been in the gardens since November 29 and will run until Sunday.

A spokesman for Edinburgh Christmas, which runs the rink as part of the capital’s festive celebrations, said: "The temperature is starting to drop again so if the wind dies down we will hopefully have it open again."

Anyone who pre-booked a ticket while the facility was closed will receive a refund.

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