Kerb crawlers caught picking up prostitutes face driving ban

Kerb crawlers caught trying to pick up prostitutes could face losing their driving licences.

Under new guidelines issued by the Lord Advocate the punishment could be enforced in addition to any other sentence for those convicted.

Driving bans will only be an option however when it can be proven that the accused was using a vehicle to pick up a prostitute.

The Solicitor General Lesley Thomson QC said: "Prostitution represents an insidious form of abuse of women and men. The Lord Advocate's Guidelines are aimed at protecting the vulnerable and targeting the abusers.

"Our objectives are to tackle the risk of sexual and physical abuse of women and men and to address the significant nuisance and potential danger for the communities in which prostitution takes place.

"We continually monitor and review our prosecution policies with the police and other members of the criminal justice system to ensure they continue to meet the public interest."

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