America set for close race for presidency between Obama and Romney

Barack Obama swept to power on a campaign of change, but will tomorrow see a change in who's in the White House?

His Republican rival Mitt Romney is breathing down the President's neck in what may be the tightest US election for decades. Office.

They have spent billions on adverts and at times it was a vicious battle. Romney attempted to attack Obama's record on the economy, while the multi-millionaire republican was portrayed as being out of touch with the people.

But Superstorm Sandy brought a cold blast of reality to the campaign. And it was Obama who was plastered across network television as he became comforter in chief.

In the end it may be a natural disaster rather than a global economic crisis that decides the outcome of this election. Polls showing even many republican's think Obama dealt well with Sandy.

After months of campaigning now it all boils down to a handful of key states which are neither loyal to democrats or republicans.

The pundits are predicting it will be close. Perhaps one of the closest presidential battles in American history. With Obama, just, pulling ahead in the polls in the final hours of the campaign.

But just hours ahead of polling, the presidency is within the grasp of both candidates and every vote will count.

Before Scotland Tonight came on air theys poke to the Democrat party member Mike Heffron and Republican supporter Ewan Watt in Washington.

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