UFO-believing group in Cairngorms pilgrimage

UFOs: Religious sect in pilgrimage at Cairngorms
UFOs: Religious sect in pilgrimage at Cairngorms

A UFO-based religious sect are preparing for a pilgrimage to a Cairngorms peak in a bid to meet some higher beings.

Members of the Aetherius Society will trek to Creag-an-Leth-Chain this month to visit one of their "shrines". They believe the mountain is charged with spiritual energy by a "Lord of Karma".

The disciples of the sect, founded in 1955 by former London cabbie Dr George King, will then take their new found energy on the next stage of their pilgrimage - to Ben Macdhui.

At the peak they believe they will come face to face with members of "The Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth - once human beings who have cheated death by reaching a higher state of being.

Dr King founded the group in 1955 after he claimed to have been visited by aliens from Venus and Mars. He then relayed this energy to 19 mountains of religious significance around the world, including Creag-an-Leth-Chain.

World peace

David Trimble, 71, will be leading the exhibition on August 28 and has welcomed any followers from the local community to join them when they pray for the end of global warming and world peace.

He said: ""When we get up to the top we will be using a service called the 12 blessings.
It is an extension of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount which the cosmic beings delivered through Dr King's voicebox as he was in a higher yogic trance.

"We use this process and when we are on top of Creag-an-Leth-Chain we are able to tap into an incredible amount of energy."

Mr Trimble then hopes the ascend to the next peak will be repaid with a meeting with the higher beings.

He said: "They are people who have gone through a process of ascension and they have decided to stay on Earth to help out the human race."

Mr Trimble also revealed his interest in UFOs and extra terrestrials came from his childhood when his parents revealed their own experiences.

He added: "My father was on a shoot and saw some UFOs flying over the front line of the shooting party. My wife's mother had a similar experience when she was in the Bahamas and a craft came down to her eye level and she saw a smiling face in a window of the UFO."


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