The unfortunate history of Clan MacNab

As one of the smaller clans at the Gathering in Edinburgh, the MacNabs are nevertheless one of the most interesting, with a history full of bloody intrigue and tragic romance.

The chief was in attendance at the Gathering in Edinburgh, the largest ever meeting of clans in Scotland which was attended by over 50,000 Scots and their distant cousins.

The MacNab, as the chief is known, explained some of the bad luck which has seen his family enjoy a rollercoaster ride through Scottish history, but added that the family were keen to grow the clan.

“We’re not a big clan,” he said. “We have a bit of a problem usually fighting on the losing side. We didn’t have much time for Robert the Bruce. Not the right side at Bannockburn either.

“We’ve got a very good turnout today – far more than I was expecting. Lots of people from all parts of Scotland and a lot from America, and some from New Zealand and Australia.”

He added: “We had a clan society but it disintegrated. We’re trying to resuscitate it. We’ve got a hell of a lot of names in our books today.”

The clan still maintain a beautiful burial island in the middle of the river Dochart which flows through the picturesque village of Killin, in the MacNab heartland.

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