Indyref Daily debate special: The Salmond vs Darling drinking game

Alcohol: abuse leading to deaths.
Debate drinks: Pick your poison.© STV

Popcorn? Check. Crisps? Check. Random objects to throw at the screen when you get annoyed? Check.

The STV referendum debate is finally here. First Minister Alex Salmond and Better Together leader Alistair Darling will face each other tonight at 8pm for a live showdown.

The two politicians will face questions from STV's political editor Bernard Ponsonby before getting the chance to cross-examine each other. Then things get really tough for them: The audience -- made up of Yes, No and undecided voters -- will grill the men. The politicians don't know the questions but they'll have to have the answers.

Expect all the key issues in the referendum to come up -- and maybe a few unexpected ones too.

But there's scope to have some fun while watching along at home. What better way to watch a debate on the future of our nation than absolutely blitzed?

No way, that's what way. So, we bring you the Indyref Daily referendum debate drinking game.


  • The #indyref daily would like to point out that this drinking game is, um, a joke and not supposed to be actually played. Always drink responsibly.

The big debate is going to be like this:


Okay, it's more likely to be like this:


Bernard Ponsonby is ready to step in if things get out of hand

Rumble Viral

Exclusive footage of Alex Salmond preparing


And, for balance, here's Alistair Darling in training

Do any Scottish Government SpAds do a good Salmond?


The No Thanks campaign totes played this prank on little David Ross this morning


#Indyref Song of the Day


Merci beaucoup to John Kilbride for the song suggestion.

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