What the commentators say about the Scottish independence White Paper

Dozens of journalists and political commentators gathered for the launch of the independence White Paper on Scottish independence.

The event at Glasgow's Science Centre attracted media from as far afield as China - as well as UK and Scottish journalists.

The one-hour launch and question and answer question gave a variety of views from those there at the launch and watching on social media.

Here is a selection of their views and verdicts on the White Paper, the details outlined and performance of First Minister Alex Salmond and deputy Nicola Sturgeon.

Lesley Riddoch, commentator

David Maddox, Scotsman

Bonnie Greer, writer and social commentator

Kenny Farquharson, Scotland on Sunday

Graham Grant, Scottish Daily Mail

Alasdair Soussi, foreign affairs journalist

Joan McAlpine, SNP MSP

Kevin Maguire, Daily Mirror

Natalie McGarry, Nationalist blogger

Michael Blackley, Scottish Mail on Sunday

Alex Massie, libertarian commentator

Kevin Williamson, Bella Caledonia

Duncan Hothersall, Labour blogger

Kate Higgins, pro-independence blogger

Nick Robinson, BBC

Gerry Hassan, writer and policy analyst

John MacKay, STV News

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