The top 10 stories from the election on Monday

Monday's election top 10
Monday's election top 10


The four main party leaders were in the BBC studio yesterday for a debate which saw clashes over knife crime and minimal pricing for alcohol.

Meanwhile, justice was on the agenda of both Labour and the SNP as Iain Gray vowed to support a community court pilot in Glasgow while Kenny MacAskill revealed SNP proposals for tougher stances on rape and organised crime.

Labour attacked the SNP over its custody of the NHS after a survey revealed that 96% of nurses were working overtime and only one in 10 thought staffing levels were good where they work.

The head of council body Cosla also criticised the four main parties for offering what he called “political junk food” in their manifestos and independent Margo Macdonald unveiled her “shopping list” for the next Government, calling manifesto commitments “an absolute nonsense”.


Party leaders clash on justice

In a live debate, Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray said 500 prison places are needed to cope with his party's policy of six-month jail terms for knife-carriers. (BBC)

Knives are out as party leaders clash on crime and alcohol

Iain Gray's policy of sending knife crime offenders to jail for six months comes under attack from all sides in TV encounter. (STV)

Labour leader’s gaffe gifts SNP chief victory in raucous TV debate

Reaction and analysis of the leaders’ performances in the BBC Scotland debate. (Express)

Kenny MacAskill unveils SNP justice plans

The Justice Minister announced proposals to reform rape laws and create a national ballistics database. (STV)

Community court pilot backed by Labour

Leader Iain Gray said SNP opposition to the scheme has ‘let Glasgow down’. (STV)

Nurses ‘having to work overtime to cope with cuts’

Labour has attacked the SNP over job losses within the NHS. (STV)

Independence and ‘greater powers’ for Holyrood neck and neck in opinion poll

An opinion poll published in yesterday's Sunday Times shows public support for independence and support for greater powers for Holyrood to be neck and neck. (Newsnet Scotland)

Boundary changes lead to uncertainty

Scotland's electoral landscape is still changing significantly, courtesy of a re-drawing of the Holyrood boundaries. (BBC)

Profile of Edinburgh Eastern constituency

Edinburgh’s trams project and the decision to release the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing could weigh high on voters’ minds. (The Telegraph)

Margo unveils her 'shopping list' ahead of election battle

Independent Margo MacDonald said if re-elected to Holyrood, she would seek support for a thorough review of PPP/PFI contracts, seek to legalise assisted dying and encourage doctors to prescribe exercise to patients. (The Scotsman)


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