STV planning three-part series on Scottish independence referendum

Referendum: Westminster to give more power to Scottish Parliament.
Vote: Scots will decide on their future in 2014.

STV has announced plans to produce a three-part documentary series on the Scottish independence referendum.

Road to the Referendum will draw on insights from history and contemporary politics, with a mixture of analysis, anecdotes and humour, to chart Scotland’s journey to the 2014 vote on independence.

The trio of programmes, each 60 minutes in length, will be broadcast on STV in spring 2013. Produced in association with The Herald, Road to the Referendum will include interviews from past and present civil servants, party activists and a diverse range of opinion-makers.

The first instalment will look at the post-war period between 1945 and 1979 and consider what impact the Second World War had on Scotland’s attitude towards the Union. The second programme will examine the Thatcher years, the election of New Labour and the creation of a devolved Scottish Parliament.

The final part of the series will focus on the political landscape of the country as Scots prepare to go to the polls to decide on their future.

Alan Clements, director of content for STV, said: "STV is well positioned to provide a platform for the debate on Scottish independence and this series will be a journey through Scotland's historical, social and cultural highlights from the past seven decades.

"Road to the Referendum will draw on an incredible archive of footage, images and interviews to provide an historical look at the question of independence. We aim to do for politics what The Football Years did for our national sport - explore it in a way that attracts a mass audience as well as the enthusiasts.”

Tim Blott, Herald & Times Group managing director, said: “Road to the Referendum promises to make a significant contribution to Scotland’s understanding of the background and rationale behind the most significant decision facing the nation for 300 years.

“This production partnership between two of Scotland’s leading media companies allows us to harness an unrivalled range of archive resources and journalistic talent for Scotland’s newspaper and online readers and television viewers.”

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