Controversial plans for £25m retail park in Moray town approved

Moray Council has approved controversial plans for a £25m retail park in the Forres.

Developers say it will create 500 new jobs but there has been strong opposition to the scheme locally, with residents claiming it will destroy green space and kill off the town's High Street.

Moray Council granted outline planning permission to Redco Milne to develop the site near Bogton Road, which will include re-siting Mosset Park football ground, home to Forres Mechanics.

The local authority received 150 people lodged objections to the plans.

Councillors voted the scheme through eight votes to three.

But the local authority says despite the decision it is far from signed and sealed and the town's residents will still have their say.

Councillor Douglas Ross said: "Part of the ground is owned by the council through common good land, and if we are to sell that we have to have the permission effectively of the people of Forres to do that.

“Now they've already rejected this in a previous ballot but there were issues over Forres Mechanics Football Club which have now potentially been resolved, so the vote may be the same or it may be different. It's up to the people of Forres to decide."

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