Streets in Keith finally named after emergency services request

More than 50 streets in the Moray town of Keith are finally being given names.

The streets, part of the town centre's grid of lanes, have been anonymous for over a century.

They were the streets with no name, but now they're finally being labelled after a request from the local emergency services.

On Friday the first of 108 different signposts were put up and council bosses say the move will help people visiting the town too.

Previously, the lanes were known by what kind of premises operated on them – so there was a laundry lane, a banker's lane and a bingo lane.

Many have been chosen by local history experts, and reflect the area's Doric dialect with names including Ploo Lane and Fairmers Lane.

Others were chosen because of historic connotations, such as Coopers Lane and Weavers Lane.

Moray Council said workers will finish putting up the new signs over the next few weeks.