Aberdeen City Council reveal the location of 11 bus lane cameras

Bus lane
Bus lane: 11 new cameras will be used around Aberdeen from March 25.

Aberdeen City Council has revealed the locations of the 11 bus lane cameras designed to snare motorists who flout the rules.

The bus lane enforcement, which comes into effect on March 25, will detect drivers who illegally use the lanes on King Street, Wellington Road, Holburn Street, Lang Stracht, North Donside Road, Great Northern Road and Auchmill Road.

The penalty has been set at £60, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.

The only vehicles allowed to use the bus lanes are buses, taxis, licensed private hire cars and bicycles. Road signs and markings tell drivers where and when the bus lanes are in operation.

Councillors hope that the civil bus lane enforcement will help to improve traffic flow, journey times and encourage the use of public transport.

The new measures prompted a range of responses, with some people welcoming the changes, others who say the rules seem unclear and some who are critical of the decision to spend time and money on the initiative.

The cameras were installed in January and a four-week public awareness campaign began on February 25, when the council started advertising the changes to drivers.

Once the cameras go live, the council will offer a two-week grace period when offenders will be sent warning letters instead of fines.

In October last year, the Scottish Government approved plans for Aberdeen City Council, along with Glasgow and Edinburgh councils, to carry out the civil enforcement of bus lanes.

A bus lane camera on Glassford Street in Glasgow city centre raked in nearly £700,000 in just eight months between April 23 and December 31 last year, after 27,992 fines were issued.

Council leader Barney Crockett said: "I think that people across Aberdeen will be pleased with the new measure as it will help traffic and public transport, as well as ensuring fairness.

"We will see better travel times and it will make the roads safer and more efficient for cyclists.

"We are not approaching it as a revenue generator. We do not think it will earn a huge amount of money - people will learn that they need to stick to the rules."

See below for our map of the new bus lane cameras in Aberdeen.

View Bus Lane Cameras Aberdeen in a larger map

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