Labour councillor dismisses SNP concerns over Gardens' balustrades

Development scheme: Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen.
Garden stramash: Labour and the SNP in Aberdeen are at odds over a New Year party in Union Terrace Gardens.

Aberdeen City Council's finance convener has launched an outspoken attack on the SNP following claims that the council would need to spend £1m to repair granite balustrades within Union Terrace Gardens.

The Labour-Conservative-Independent administration has set aside £200,000 from the Common Good fund towards a New Year celebration in the Gardens.

However, senior SNP councillor Bill Cormie has claimed that council leaders are facing a bill of £1m to carry out remedial work on the balustrades, which could see the New Year event cancelled for safety reasons.

Mr Cormie said: "I was told when I was the chairman of Rosemount and Midstocket Community Council that there could be no Hogmanay parties [in the UTG] due the fact that the balustrades were unsafe and it was an accident waiting to happen."

Finance convener Willie Young responded vigorously to this charge and responded there was no question of the New Year festivities being under threat.

He said: "This is rubbish. It is typical of the SNP to say we won't use Union Terrace Gardens.

"We will use them, we will have an event or events, and we will take health and safety into account. We are never going to arrange anything which puts the public at risk.

"We must ask the SNP to stop running our city down."

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