Workers taken off North Sea oil platform following power failure

Oil Platform: Claymore closed down over safety fears.
Claymore: Non-essential personnel were removed from the site while full power was restored.© STV

Dozens of workers have been evacuated from a North Sea platform after it suffered a power cut.

Talisman Sinopec Energy said it had taken 76 staff off the Claymore installation on Tuesday afternoon as a precaution.

The decision to remove non-essential personnel from the platform, which is located 100 miles north-east of Aberdeen, was taken as a precaution, the company said.

The evacuation left 73 staff on board Claymore, while their colleagues were transferred by helicopter to the Piper, Tartan and Saltire platforms, which are all owned by Talisman.

The company said the supply had been restored by Wednesday afternoon and work was ongoing to build the installation up to full power.

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