Fraserburgh wreck used in Life of Pi film poster, says photo expert

A shipwrecked boat off the Aberdeenshire coast is the same vessel depicted on the poster for Hollywood blockbuster Life of Pi, a photo expert believes.

A modified picture of The Sovereign fishing boat, which has been stranded on the coast near Fraserburgh since it ran aground in 2005, appears to feature in one of the posters promoting Ang Lee's critically acclaimed movie.

The Los Angeles-based studio The Refinery refused to confirm or deny the link between their poster and the Scottish wreck when contacted by STV News.

Indeed, James Smith, a Fraserburgh-based picture expert who runs his company Factory Photo in the Broch, has no doubt that the images are dead ringers.

When asked if they were the same, Smith replied: "Yes is the simplest answer. Obviously, they [the poster designers] have done a fair bit of post-edit work, but you can clearly compare both vessels.

"The design company has supposedly said that it's the same vessel, but that they used their own shot, which I find hard to believe as it is exactly at the same angle as the original shot and I know that it is almost impossible to get an exact copy from the exact same place.

"Not only that, but if they did take the photograph, it would have to have been shot a year ago, since the vessel has subsequently deteriorated to the point where, I believe, the wheelhouse has now gone."

The transatlantic fuss has caused a significant amount of interest in Fraserburgh, with local councillor Brian Topping responding that he hoped the publicity would help put Cairnbulg Harbour on the map for film aficionados.

Cllr Topping said: "Anything that attracts people to the area is positive. There have been discussions about it [The Sovereign] recently and the community council have been trying to have the boat shifted for some time.

"However, efforts to remove it have so far come up against a brick wall. There is certainly a wish in the local community to see what can be done about it."

The movie centres around a 16-year Indian boy, cast adrift in a life raft with only a tiger for company.

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