Footage of seven-year-old driving car branded 'dangerous' by roads groups

Parents who allowed their seven-year-old daughter to drive their car before posting footage on YouTube have been criticised by roads groups.

The two-minute video, posted in August, shows the youngster driving through the streets of Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire while sat on her mother’s lap.

In the video the girl is seen sounding the horn at a pedestrian, waving to other road users and tells hers parents: “I’ll park in the drive all by myself. I don’t need help at all.”

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the institute of advance motorists, branded the stunt “irresponsible parenting” and said criminal charges could be brought.

Mr Greig said: “This is appalling behaviour. The fact it is on public roads is the key issue for us. It’s not only dangerous it is illegal and is very selfish behaviour.

“In the video you can see other road users, other people driving along aren’t expecting to see a seven-year-old driving a car and who knows what their reaction will be and if there is any accident there is no insurance.

“This whole thing of trying to get something on YouTube seems to have encouraged some really irresponsible parenting to get this girl on YouTube.”

Road safety charity Brake has also branded the stunt “dangerous”.

Grampian Police has confirmed it is reviewing the footage.

Around 2000 have already viewed the clip, which was filmed by the girl’s father.

He told the Scottish Sun: “She loves it. My dad did the same with me and I passed my test first time.”

A spokesperson for Grampian Police said: "We can confirm we have been made aware of a video clip which apparently shows a young girl driving a car. The footage is currently being reviewed."

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