Knives, knuckle-duster and gun among weapons seized in schools

Knives, samurai sword and other bladed weapons seized by police. November 2012
Grampian Police: Weapons recovered from schools in the north-east have been revealed by officers.STV

Weapons, including knives, knuckle-dusters, a cosh and an air gun, have been confiscated from schools during the last five years, Grampian Police have revealed.

The findings, which were released in a Freedom of Information request, highlight a precise number of weapons which were seized by police between 2007 and the summer of 2012.

They amount to 23 weapons, including knives, knuckle-dusters, an air gun, a cosh, a metal pole and a piece of metal being confiscated from secondary schools within the force area.

Meanwhile, another eight weapons, including five knives, a blade and a knuckle-duster were seized from primary pupils in the same period, although the situation has improved in the last three years, during which time only one of what was described as a "blade" has been seized.

Councillor Jenny Laing, the convener of Aberdeen City Council's education committee, has raised questions about security at schools.

She said: "It is a concern that weapons are being confiscated in schools, and the figures look fairly alarming. But I think these findings has to be taken in context.

"This shows that schools are being vigilant in working together with the police to ensure that the safety of pupils and teachers is paramount.

"Obviously, in an ideal situation, there would be no weapons being brought into schools, and we are all working hard to try and make that happen."

The breakdown of the weapons seized is as follows.


2007-08 - One knife, one piece of wood, one knuckle-duster, one air weapon, one piece of metal.

2009-09 - Seven knives, one cosh and one metal pole.

2009-10 - Two knives.

2010-11 - Two knives, one metal bar, one bladed weapon, one blade.

2011-12 (Until June) - Two knives.


2007-08 - Two knives, one piece of wood, one knuckle-duster.

2008-09 - Three knives.

2009-10 - No weapons seized.

2010-11 - One blade.

2011-12 (Until June) - No weapons seized.