Jack certain his side can upset the Ibrox stars at Borough Briggs

Rangers v Elgin City
Rangers Clash: City will take on Ibrox side at Borough Briggs on Saturday.© Robert Crombie

A midweek win for Rangers saw them open up a six point gap over Elgin City in the race for promotion - a gap that Ross Jack now wishes to close.

It would take something of a shock for Elgin to become only the second side to hand out a league defeat to the Ibrox side, but the City manager insists that given a few breaks his side can spring a surprise.

"Rangers have never been to Borough Briggs to play us in a league match before," Jack said, adding: "I'm hoping that the home fans in the crowd will create a carnival atmosphere and urge us on to a draw or, better still, a win - either would be amazing."

City have kept the build up to this weekends game pretty low key - but that is not to say the Borough Briggs men are not champing at the bit for another crack at the side who everyone fully expects to run away with the league title and automatic promotion.

Jack said: "Rangers are champions-elect in the minds of everyone and that is not going to change regardless of the outcome on Saturday.

"All the same we have hung in there close to them all season, and we want to keep that going as long as we possibly can. Any side finishing the campaign in second place this year will feel as if they have won the league title, what we want to do is make sure that Rangers progress is not as easy as they perhaps expected it to be.

"Other clubs have made it difficult for Rangers on the road this season, and that has given us all encouragement that I know my players will take into the game on Saturday.

"We know full well the size of the task that is facing us but we have troubled Rangers at times in our two meetings at Ibrox this season already. If we can replicate that over 90 minutes then they will know they have been in a game."

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