Snow sports enthusiasts head off to slopes for opening weekend

Thousands of winter sports enthusiasts have flocked to Scotland's mountain resorts after early snowfall saw two of the five centres open for business at the weekend.

After a disappointing season last year the centres have been able to open up to ten days earlier and are hoping that will signal the start of a good season.

Both the Lecht and Cairngorm centres have been able to open slopes.

James McIntosh, of the Lecht Ski Centre, said: “Looking at my own weather forecasts, we’re going to get a blizzard on Tuesday and some on Monday night.

“If we keep getting topped up that will improve things because now we have that packed down we have a base to work on.”

The met office is warning more cold weather is to come with a yellow warning of snow for the whole country on Monday with as much as half a foot of snow falling over higher ground.

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