Pets Corner: Can you give Zoe a new home?

Pet of the week Zoe looking for a new home.
Pet: Bundle of energy Zoe is looking for a new home.SSPCA

STV Local has teamed up with the Scottish SPCA’s north-east rehoming centre at Drumoak in an effort to help find new owners for a variety of animals. Every week we will feature one of the animals in need of a loving new home.

This week, we turn our attention to Labrador cross akita Zoe, who is looking for a loving fun-filled home.

Assistant Manager Debbie Innes, "Zoe is a loving Labrador cross akita aged eight months with a real zest for life. She has such a spring in her step and truly does believe that life is for living. This oh so loveable lady has the look of an angel and the inner mischievousness of a naughty little elf!

"With her youthful energy and an inquisitive mind, Zoe is not a dog who will make do with just a couple of walks a day and little else. Zoe just loves to be on the go all the time. After all, the world is just too interesting a place to ignore.

"Sadly and through no fault of her own, Zoe has not had the best start to her young life and she has suffered from a lack of routine and the security that comes from a long-term, loving home. This in turn has led to her having difficulty coping with being left home alone.

"Zoe needs to know she has her family and friends around her and she seems to really enjoy having a canine pal to play with. Not only does this take away her loneliness, but the activity that the playtime brings helps Zoe enormously.

"If we were to ask Zoe what was on her wish list, we are sure she would say that all she wants is a loving forever home with an active family and at least one canine friend to call her own."

Anyone interested in offering Zoe a loving home can call the Scottish SPCA Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999.

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