Highland councillors agreed to £24m of budget cuts in next two years

Highland Council
Highland Council: The authority agreed £24m of cuts.STV

Highland councillors have agreed £24m worth of cuts over the next two years.

The council’s ruling SNP-Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition said it was trying to spread the savings across different services but opposition councillors said it was time to spend some of the £66m the authority has in the bank.

Increases in council rents, school meals, parking charges and cremations were all agreed as were cuts to adult services, arts and youth and sports organisations.

Around 140 full-time-equivalent jobs will go at the council and union bosses said the public will notice a difference in services.

Highland Council is the largest local government area in the UK - with a widely dispersed population of more than 220,000 people.

The local authority's administration said it was working hard to make savings as necessary but opposition councillors claim there is not enough detail in the cuts and that the council is not doing enough to help those who need it most.

Councillors also backed a freeze on council tax.

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