Loganair plane travelling from Glasgow to Barra struck by lightning

Flight: Company provides 'lifeline' services for island communities.
Lightning: A Loganair flight was struck on Monday.

A flight travelling from Glasgow to Barra was struck by lightning during adverse weather on Monday night.

Flight operator Loganair confirmed the ten passenger plane had been struck but said that all on board, including two crew members, were unhurt.

Loganair chief operating officer Phil Preston said: “On Monday afternoon the captain of a Twin Otter travelling from Barra to Glasgow with ten passengers and two crew on board reported a lightning bolt close to the aircraft.

“As is standard procedure with incidents such as these, an inspection was later completed by our engineering crew in our hangar at Glasgow Airport. There was evidence that a wing tip had been struck, but the Twin Otter was cleared to continue operations.

“Such incidents are not uncommon when flying in adverse weather and our pilots and aircraft are perfectly capable of dealing with these situations when they arise.”

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