Loch Ness Monster photograph branded a hoax by Nessie enthusiast

A photograph which received thousands of online views apparently showing the Loch Ness Monster has been branded a hoax by a Nessie enthusiast.

Tour boat operator George Edwards said he took the photograph at the loch in November 2011.

But another Loch Ness Monster enthusiast has come forward claiming the image shows a fibreglass model, and says he has the hump to prove it.

For 21 years Steve Feltham has lived on the shores of Loch Ness, hoping to solve the mystery of the elusive monster.

So he was delighted to spot recent media coverage of what was heralded as the definitive photo proving Nessie's existence, snapped Mr Edwards.

But now Mr Feltham says he has new evidence blowing the photograph's authenticity out of the water.

He says he is convinced Mr Edwards took the picture during the filming of a documentary on the monster which he participated in, and has sourced the film's fake fibreglass hump which he believes is the star of Mr Edwards' snap.

Mr Feltham said: "There's absolutely no doubt that this is the same thing. Look at the step slope on the front – it's got several ridges on it. The number of ridges is the same as on the model.

"And as the tail and slopes down towards the back, just as it reaches the water there's a lump on the back of the body. That's on the model as well."

Mr Edwards declined to be interviewed on camera, but told STV News that he denied knowing anything about a fake hump.

He said Mr Feltham was entitled to his opinion and said people who make their livelihoods from the Loch should be happy it is in the news.

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