World Space Week: Where to spot UFOs in and around Edinburgh

Have you ever seen an UFO? If you haven’t then Edinburgh offers one of the best locations to catch a glimpse of spooky flying saucers.

According to expert Ron Halliday Scotland is the UFO capital of the world and Edinburgh could offer a portal to another dimension.

He said: “Compared with different areas round Scotland Edinburgh and the Lothians have a large share of UFO reports. There is a long tradition of sightings here with the first in 1947 and a high frequency of them, which raises the issue of another dimension.

“Scientists have suggested that there is a possibility that there could be another life form that occupies the same space as us but in another dimension. There is also the possibility that locations with higher levels of paranormal activity could act as windows or portals between these dimensions.

“I do not think we have come around to a satisfactory explanation of what people are seeing. People have got a belief that aliens are visiting our planet but I do not think that is proved there are other life forms.”

Ron’s grandmother was a psychic, “in to ghosts and things” which initially sparked a curiosity in ghosts and poltergeists which led him to meet people with other interests such as UFOs.

He said: “What really caught my attention was the experience of Bob Taylor in Livingston in 1979.”

In this particular instance the 61-year-old forestry worker parked his vehicle at the bottom of a track at Dechmont Law near the M8 near Livingston. In a forest clearing he saw a large circular spaceship.

Two objects which looked like naval mines from World War Two rolled towards Mr Taylor and attached themselves to his trousers. They started to drag him towards the now hovering UFO. Mr Taylor then became aware of an acrid smell which made him choke.

The next thing he remembers is waking up, face down, on the ground. His legs were aching and a dishevelled Mr Taylor abandoned his truck and walked a mile home. His trousers were cut and his legs were bruised.

A police investigation was launched but never solved. The case file remains open.

Ron said: “I’m attracted to unexplained events and incidents. There is a contradiction between the experiences some people have had and everyday reality which would suggest that such things could never possibly happen.”

For more than 30 years Ron has investigated UFO sightings and has authored a number of books on the subject. Below is a map of five locations in and around Edinburgh where Ron recommends going to spot UFOs.

View Edinburgh UFO hot spots in a larger map

World Space Week was established in 1999 as a celebration of science and technology. It runs every year between October 4 and 7.

If you decide it is a bit too chilly to be out spotting UFOs other Edinburgh events during World Space Week include Astronomy and Poetry at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh.

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