Dalgety Bay beach to be monitored for radiation

A plan to monitor radiation levels on the foreshore at Dalgety Bay in Fife have been welcomed.

Scottish environmental officials confirmed that they have received a timetable from the Defence Estates for a programme of work to be carried out on the beach.

The radium radiation in the area is believed to originate from luminous aircraft dials dumped in the Forth in the 1940s.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has welcomed the plans for a monitoring and retrieval plan for Dalgety Bay and said that this measure will give the public greater protection from the potential risk from the radiation hazard.

Byron Tilly, radioactive substances manager at Sepa, said in a statement: "We want to continue to work with Defence Estates and the Dalgety Bay Forum to take this work forward.

"In essence, we are content with the timetable submitted by Defence Estates, providing that the capability of the monitoring systems meets the levels recommended by Sepa to Defence Estates.

"Such requirements are consistent with those for other beaches in Scotland and will ensure that the public is appropriately protected." 

A Defence Estates spokesperson added: "We are pleased with Sepa's response to our detailed action plan which will identify the need for further work and determine any necessary remediation.

"The Dalgety Bay Forum has already recognised our package of proposals as a positive way forward and we will continue to work in partnership with the Forum and Sepa to resolve this issue. Work is expected to begin within four weeks and findings will be made available later on in the year. "