MP to head fan-based group's bid to buy out Heart of Midlothian

Politician Ian Murray MP is to head a fan-based group's bid to buy Heart of Midlothian football club.

On Wednesday, Mr Murray told STV News he had been asked to try and bring together all the various fans groups to come up with a bid for the club.

He said: "I have been approached by fans groups, of which there are many, to be an independent chair to try and see if we can pull together a credible bid to take over the club.

"What we’re going to try and do here is pull together all the fan groups and get them singing with one voice.

"Hopefully fans will back a bid if it’s the right bid and hopefully the club will accept it. The current economy shows there’s not going to be a white knight out there that’s going to save a football club and then spend many of millions as they did in the past. I think fans’ bids are the way to go."

Mr Murray said the main aim of any fans’ bid would be bring stability back to the club, which has been rocked by financial problems over the past few months.

He said: "If the bid’s accepted then what we need to do is be honest with the fans and say this is where we will take the club in the next few years. It’s about stability.

"The Hearts fans have had quite a good run of sporting success in the last few years but the instability of the club has been a real concern and six months ago the fans didn't think they were going to have a club to support at all."

When asked about Vladimir Romanov, Mr Murray said the fans groups would only be dealing with the board of directors at Hearts.

He said: "The board will then have to decide whether any bid from anyone is a credible bid. If they decide they want to put that to whoever’s controlling the strings at Heart of Midlothian it’s up to the board.

"We will not deal with any of the issues around Ukio Bankas or any of the current ownership. We will deal professionally with the board of Heart of Midlothian; anything else that’s going on in the background is for the current board to deal with."

Former head of marketing at Hearts, Lawrence Broadie, welcomed Mr Murray’s appointment.

He said: "I think it’s an excellent appointment, the supporters have made a very shrewd decision and brought somebody with business sense, political acumen and a real knowledge of Hearts to the table.

"He understands Hearts as a football club, he understands the city and he understands the supporters but I think most importantly he’s a step removed from the process at the moment so he brings a degree of impartiality to the table."

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