Woman ran over five-year-old girl days after passing driving test

A newly qualified driver has been spared a prison sentence for running over a five-year-old girl after a court heard she was "blinded" by bright sunlight.

Cara Harrison, 30, collided with the child at a zebra crossing just two days after she had passed her test, Edinburgh Sheriff Court was told.

The mother of two then drove on rather than stopping at the scene of the accident in Edinburgh's Groathill Road North.

The girl, who was on her way home from school with her father, received emergency treatment in hospital and was said to have made a "good" recovery.

Harrison, of Ferry Road, Edinburgh, admitted dangerous driving on September 28 last year, but said she had been unable to see clearly beacuse of the sunlight glaring through her car's windscreen.

The court was told she was badly shaken by the accident and had no desire ever to drive again.

Sheriff Isabella McColl said she had considered a prsion sentence but opted instead to impose an order of 200 hours community service.

Harrison was also banned from driving for three years and ordered to pay £750 in compensation.

Defence lawyer Jackie McColl told the court: "The one thing that shines through all of this is Mrs Harrison's complete and utter contrition for the charge.

"She understands how serious this offence is and it has always been her intention to plead guilty."

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