Felled trees infected by Dutch Elm to be used to make furniture

Trees infected with Dutch Elm disease are being used by carpenters to make furniture.

In the past, trees removed from the Meadows and other Edinburgh sites were burned or put in landfill.

The City of Edinburgh Council has now struck a deal with the Scottish Furniture Makers Association so they can be turned into pieces of furniture.

There are around 15,000 elms in Edinburgh and Dutch Elm disease is a growing problem. Spread by beetles, it stops the trees from drawing water and they eventually rot away.

Council workers have to chop down infected trees before they fall over in high winds.

However, the disease only destroys the outer layers of the tree and the inner core can be used as timber.

When they are removed, each tree is marked with a specific code so the furniture can be tracked back to the tree it was made from.

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