Is this your car? Mercedes left stranded at Waverley car park

A driver is in for a surprise when they return to find their vehicle stranded at an Edinburgh car park.

Workers at Edinburgh Waverley station blocked off an area of the parking lot on Thursday night ready for resurfacing work on Friday.

But when they turned up for work, a Mercedes had been parked in the middle of the cordoned off area.

Undeterred, they tackled the rest of the area, building a little ramp in front of the car to allow the owner to drive out without damaging it.

Now workers can only wait for the owner to get in touch to claim their stranded car.

Pictures of the stranded car made their way around social media on Friday after it was spotted by members of the public.

A Network Rail spokesman said: "The car park had been cordoned off so we could begin work to resurface it and improve the lighting at the facility for our passengers. The motorist moved the barriers and parked in the worksite, but we've left a ramp for them to exit and will be happy to return their vehicle once they contact us."

The work is part of Network Rail's £100m refurbishment project which has seen the roof replaced at Waverley station.

Car stranded at Waverley station car park

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