Man stabbed friend 37 times before hiding his body in make-shift box

A murderer who stabbed a man to death in his own flat before hiding his body in a make-shift box has been jailed for 19 years.

The body of Maciej Ciania was found by his flatmate in their home in Dickson Street, Edinburgh on January 14 last year. The 34-year-old had been stabbed 37 times.

Grzegorz Gamla tried to hide Mr Ciania’s body in a make-shift box made out of pieces of furniture.

At the High Court in Glasgow on Thursday, the 26-year-old was sentenced to life with a minimum of 19 years to serve.

Judge Lord Pentland told Gamla: "It is clear that this was a sustained and savage onslaught pressed home with ruthless determination."

He added the victim's relatives had suffered "terrible anguish" as a result of the death.

Gamla, who had been convicted after a trial last month, will be deported when he is eventually released.

Defence lawyer Brian Gilfedder told the court: "It appears there was a love-hate relationship between the two men. There certainly was a simmering background, but the accused never believed that it would come to this."

The murder trial heard how Darius Reivytis and his girlfriend returned to the flat he shared with Mr Ciania on January 13. They found Gamla lying sleeping on the coach wearing jogging bottoms which belonged to Mr Ciania.

The flat was in a mess and there were blood stains in the flat. He threw Gamla out and went to bed, intending to clean up the next morning.

The next day, Mr Reivytis walked into his flatmate's bedroom and noticed several items lying on the floor. He found a green blanket and when he moved it he saw the back of Mr Ciania's head.

The police were contacted and a murder investigation was launched.

An arrest warrant was issued for Gamla after he fled to Poland and he was eventually caught and brought back to Scotland to stand trial.