'Good Giraffe' helps out others with random acts of kindness

A man who dresses up as a giraffe to carry out random acts of kindness across Scotland says he plans to carry on doing good deeds.

Armstrong Baillie, 32, raises money by busking on his kazoo and djembe drum and then uses the cash to help others.

He travels across Scotland to carry out good deeds such as cleaning, dog walking or giving coffee to cold travellers.

In the past he has handed out water and snacks at fun runs, cleaned beaches and volunteered at animal rescue shelters, always in his giraffe suit.

Mr Baillie also raises smiles wherever he goes by posing in his unusual giraffe costume.

Known as The Good Giraffe Mr Baillie, has been spotted around Scotland's capital including outside the Scottish Parliament, at the National Museum of Scotland and Princes Street.

Mr Baillie, who is originally from Glasgow but now lives in Dundee, has also travelled across Scotland helping friends and carrying out good deeds.

He said: "It makes me happy when I see the difference in people when they see me in the suit. It is fun and I like to help people out.

"It's tough times at the moment, high unemployment, difficult economy and it's nice to make people feel good about themselves."

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