Meerkats play peek-a-boo with pumpkins as they get ready for Halloween

Meerkat with pumpkin.
Peek-a-boo: The meerkats go searching for treats.Deadline

A meerkat enclosure has been turned into a graveyard to celebrate Halloween.

The eleven mammals at Edinburgh Zoo have been treated to spooky treats to mark the haunted holiday.

Tombstones stuffed with food and carved pumpkins filled with insects and mealworms greeted the meerkats as they ventured into their transformed enclosure on Tuesday.

The animals arrived at the visitor attraction in February and have been a popular sight ever since.

Michael Livingstone from Edinburgh Zoo said: "Halloween is a great time for us at the zoo, as we’re constantly thinking of new ways to add to and enrich the lives of all our animals here, so we really enjoy getting into the Halloween swing of things.

"This is the first Halloween for our mob of meerkats, so we came up with a zombie graveyard theme for them to explore. They've never had anything like this before, so it will be exciting to see what they make of it.

"As their food will be hidden in the pumpkins and the tombstones they’ll have to work to get their food, the clan will need to forage and problem solve – which are all natural skills and behaviours they would use in the wild when it came to hunting for food.

"They are an incredibly lively, feisty and curious bunch, as we see anytime we add something new into their enclosure as they all come running towards it tails in the air ready to investigate."

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