Hundreds march down "Republican Mile"

Hundreds amassed at St Giles Cathedral this afternoon to turn the Royal Mile into “Republican Mile”.

The peaceful procession attracted people of all ages, beliefs and political backgrounds as they marched down Edinburgh’s High Street to express anger at the cost of the Royal Wedding in an atmosphere of budget cuts, school closures and job losses.

The atmosphere was festive, marred only by a few moments of tension when far-right agitators attempted to infiltrate the crowd. They were removed and separated swiftly by the police present.

Wrapped in flags and singing ‘Rule Britannia’, the group refused to comment and pushed away cameras. Several members are known to the police.

As the procession continued, some climbed stairs on the High Street to give Nazi salutes. They were again blocked by police to avoid confrontation between the two sides.

One marcher said: “It just doesn’t make sense. If you look at the words of ‘Rule Britannia’, the song talks about English forces quelling the Scots. So they are basically singing about quelling themselves.”

A bagpiper was also spoken to by a policeman after beginning to play ‘Rule Britannia’ as the police were attempting to calm both sides.

However, after marching to Holyrood Palace and back to St Giles Cathedral, the procession ended without confrontation.

Photo gallery from the march

STV Edinburgh West reported live from the event. Click through for photos and the story as it unfolded.