Tonight: Local fireworks company puts £10,000 into free event to remember the Odeon

On the 2nd of April, a rescheduled event will take place to commemorate the Odeon Cinema.

The event, which was previously cancelled due to bad weather, is to kick off in St Patricks square at 7.15pm, where a free outdoor screening of Bafta award winning film, Local Hero will take place.

The event will conclude with a spectacular fireworks finale on the meadows at 10.15pm.

Edinburgh based pyrotechnics firm 21cc Fireworks are the main sponsors of the event. Geoff Crow, director of the firm, explained a little bit about why they decided to put an estimated £10,000 worth of resources into supporting the campaign.

"As a professional fireworks company, we put a lot of effort into community focussed work. £10,000 is not an insignificant amount of money, but it's not an insignificant building either. It's in the interest of the city and the community for the building to be retained."

"We will all be disappointed if the building is demolished for private benefit. I'd personally be keen to see the building re-used as a cinema. But if not a cinema, then I think the building should be put to some sort of community benefit with an arts focus. Somewhere where people can share skills."

Commenting on the fireworks finale that will take place in the east of the Meadows another spokesperson for the company said:

"The material that's going up will be pretty impressive. It will be a pretty similar in size to the end of the festival fireworks by the castle. Even though it will be only 30 seconds long it will be as loud as anything you'll have heard at the castle."

For more information on the event see the Southside Community Council Website.

You can also find out more about the campaign in an earlier article by Rebecca Gordon.