PEDAL Porty cuts staff but resolves to carry on growing

Portobello non-profit group, PEDAL Porty have been forced to make all their staff redundant this week after their latest bid to the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund was unsuccessful.

In a blog post announcing the funding loss, a spokesperson said:

“Despite this year’s projects meeting and exceeding targets we were not granted further funds for April 2011 – March 2012.”

“It is very disappointing news, as we were hoping to build on the successes of this year and develop several new projects, but we understand the competition for this round of CCF was very high.”

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed and taken part in our projects this year, and made them such a success.”

In spite of the funding set-back, the group has resolved to continue with as much of their work as possible on a voluntary basis, whilst further funding is sought from other sources.

One of their projects that has not been affected is a “Grow Your Own Course” that is run in partnership with the Telferton Allotment Association. The course aims to help people improve their food growing skills.

There is space for five people on the course. Participants will receive expert guidance over four weeks from experienced allotment holder, Dave Roberts.

After the four week course is over, participants will be allocated a space to grow on the Telferton allotment site for the rest of the year. Places cost £15 each.

You can find out more about the Grow Your Own Scheme on the PEDAL Porty website.

Image Credit: Loopzilla