South African butchers plan to put the bite into competition

An Edinburgh based butcher is to start stocking a specialist meat with some real bite later this month – crocodile.

Shumba Meats revealed to STV Local that it will be just one of a variety of “exotic meats” they will start stocking at their shop in Gorgie Road which will also see them serve up varieties of antelope and gazelle.

Owner Tinara Shumba expects customers to snap up the unusual victual once it is delivered.

The Zimbabwean said: "We specialise in sourcing and stocking unusual meat, and in roughly two weeks' time we should also have some exotic meats."

When asked to distinguish between unusual and exotic, he explained: "We already have goat and on-the-bone meat available, which is rare in Scotland.

“We plan on getting in crocodile, kudu and springbok.

"Kudu is a type of antelope, and a springbok is a gazelle. It's the emblem of South Africa's Rubgy Union team."

Kudu meat is quite gamey, and similar to venison. If cooked correctly, it can be very healthly due to its low fat content.

Springbok is said to have a smooth taste due to its vegetarian diet and has fine threads of fat running through it.

Crocodile meat is described as having a slightly fishy texture and tasting like pork when chargrilled - perfect for a braai, or South African-style BBQ.

Since the closure of Ndebele African Cafe in 2008, there are very few shops in Edinburgh that stock South African goods and traditional foods.

Goat is a staple meat in Africa, South & Central America and Asia, and is gaining popularity in the US in upscale trendy restaurants.

Shumba Meats is already one of the few butchers in Scotland that sell goat meat.

Tinara said: "We stock Braai salt and other authentic South African spices. We try our hardest to source everything.

“Ask and we'll get it for you."

Tell us what you think. Will crocodile be appearing on your dinner plate?